Deciding Between Financing or Paying Outright for a Swimming Pool

There Are Several Ways of Financing the Cost of an In-Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool behind a forestAny thoughts of installing an in-ground pool can certainly generate additional thoughts of the enjoyment and entertainment that it will provide to the homeowner, their family, and their friends.  It is not inconceivable for future pool owners to visualize, and to perhaps even fantasize, about how the pool will look in the backyard, as well as the various ways that it can and will be used year after year.

Sometimes, however, these mental images and emotions will be dulled when thoughts turn to the cost of installing a pool.  This is certainly not the same as purchasing a kiddie pool at the local department store or toy outlet; the initial cost of an in-ground pool can exceed $20,000.00, especially when the deck/patio, equipment, and other amenities are taken into consideration.

But, like many other major investments in a home, or even the home itself, a swimming pool can become a reality if the homeowner-family truly wants to have one designed and installed; the price does not have to be a deterrent to the idea/concept of having a pool, it just needs to be managed, so to speak, through a combination of patience and sound financial discipline.

There are essentially three avenues that homeowners can pursue in relation to affording the installation cost of an in-ground swimming pool.  These alternatives would include:

  • Saving to pay the full installation cost outright
  • Financing the project through a bank/lending institution
  • Financing the cost through the pool installation company

It would be inappropriate to recommend one of these payment options over the others, as each method can have advantages and disadvantages depending on the homeowner’s preferred approach and on certain circumstances/variables such as:

  • Family income
  • Lending interest rates
  • Other financial obligations
  • Amount of equity in the home
  • Urgency to have the pool installed
  • Future planning (education, retirement)
  • Liquid assets/access to cash, investments

Independent of the above factors, it is important to keep in mind that the cost to install an in-ground pool should not be an immediate deal breaker, in a manner of speaking, in terms of permanently quelling any dreams of backyard swimming enjoyment/relaxation.  If homeowners are seriously interested in the installation of an in-ground pool, there are options that should be exhaustively considered and investigated, including the possibility of financing the construction cost through a professional pool contractor like Jones Pools.

Choice of Contractor is Another Important Consideration in Financing Your Pool

The choice of contractor will be another critical factor in the installation of an in-ground swimming pool, relative to the initial cost as well as the return on investment for such a significant expenditure.  It is a well-accepted fact that cheaper is not necessarily the best option, as this can affect the quality of both the materials and the workmanship; in turn, this somewhat short-sighted decision can result in extensive repair and/or upgrade costs to remedy any number of issues.

The team from Jones Pools has been designing and installing in-ground swimming pools for residents of Toronto and the surrounding area for more than 20 years.  During that time, Jones Pools has earned the reputation of a competent and reliable pool contractor, thereby ensuring that pool owners do indeed receive the quality of installation as well as the returns that they expect from an investment of this magnitude.

To learn more about the quality workmanship and customer service provided by the pool installation experts at Jones Pools, see what our customers have to say!

There are payment options available to make the construction of your dream swimming pool a reality.  Call the in-ground pool installation professionals at Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation on how we can help transform your backyard into the sanctuary you may have imagined.

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