Is the Fall a Good Time to Install a New Inground Pool?

Fall is a good time to install an inground pool

Unless you just don’t like to get wet, every homeowner has thought about installing an inground swimming pool at some point in time. Even if their yard is too small, there’ll be those times when wish they had the space for a pool (though they could try a hot tub!)

As another summer comes to a close, those visions of a new pool may start to fade too. But the fall is a great time to install a new pool. If you’re thinking about getting an inground pool, there’s no time like the present and here’s why.

1. Pool Companies Aren’t as Busy

In the springtime, when the days get longer and warmer, it seems like anyone who’s been considering a new pool calls us to get one installed. We appreciate the business, but it makes for a very busy spring and summer. But things tend to slow down a little in the fall. That means you’re more likely to get your pool installed quickly; maybe even with enough time to enjoy a dip or two.

2. Prices Can Go Up Each Year

Pool equipment suppliers will raise prices in the off-season as they introduce new models and products. That means it can be less expensive to install the same pool now than in the spring.

3. Great Time to Landscape

When you install your pool in the middle of summer, your freshly-planted landscaping features have to contend with the worst of summer’s heat just when they need water and nutrients the most. The fall is a great time to landscape (even if you’re not installing a pool) and it means that your yard and your pool will be set in a fully-blooming landscape next spring.

If you’re thinking about installing a new pool, or you want to upgrade your existing pool or equipment, now is a great time to do so. Give us a call here at Jones Pools and let us know how we can help.

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