Essential Swimming Pool Supplies And Equipment For Healthy And Safe Pool Use

Essential Swimming Pool Supplies You Need For Your Pool

It is generally accepted that installing and maintaining a swimming pool requires a substantial investment of time and money. It might therefore be understandable, especially in today’s economy, if home owners looked for ways to save a few dollars, and perhaps a little effort, by cutting a corner or two when it comes to looking after the pool. This mindset might be reflected in procrastination with respect to maintaining/repairing their swimming pool equipment or scaling back on pool supplies, testing, etc.

Unfortunately, such a thought process is fraught with shortsightedness, since trying to save on pool-related expenses and/or maintenance time can have long-term negative implications. While it may seem tedious to regularly monitor equipment performance and the inventory levels of supplies, it is vitally important that swimming pool owners remain vigilant and diligent in terms of overall pool care for the following reasons:

  • To provide a healthy swimming environment for all pool users
  • To ensure that optimal pool safety is observed and maintained
  • To reduce the potential for extensive/expensive repairs in the future
  • To increase/maximize the time available for enjoyment/entertainment

From the standpoint of essential swimming pool equipment, several items make the grade for receiving regular attention and maintenance, shown here in no specific order:

  • Heater – extends pool availability/usage time to include evenings, cooler months
  • Pump – proper water circulation is needed for cleanliness and aesthetic purposes
  • Filter – removes materials that can clog drains; prevents growth of algae/bacteria
  • Vacuum – extracts debris from pool bottom that can cause damage, minor injury
  • Cover – shields pool from debris when not in use; provides protection when closed
  • Alarm – for the safety of children and pets; activated whenever pool is not in use

In a similar vein, adequate swimming pool care requires owners to keep an inventory of the following supplies on hand at all times:

  • Chemicals – keep the pool free of bacteria and minimize eye/skin irritations
    • chlorine – primarily for water sanitization
    • Water balancers to adjust levels of pH/alkalinity
    • Calcium – for water softness; to protect plumbing and pipes
    • Algaecide – to prevent or remove unwanted/unsightly algae growth
  • Water test kits – to monitor the use and effectiveness of the pool chemicals
  • Cleaning materials – skimmer, leaf net, tile/vinyl scrubbing compound/brushes
  • Filter cartridges – ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the filtering system
  • Caulking/grout – for minor repairs/leak prevention, especially prior to pool closing

Some of the above-noted swimming pool supplies and equipment will be needed on a daily/weekly basis, while others may only be used periodically or on specific occasions. In any event, all are essential to owning/maintaining a swimming pool and can either be obtained and/or serviced through a reputable pool contractor like Jones Pools.

Optional Swimming Pool Equipment To Enrich The Overall Backyard Experience

Beyond the essential equipment and supplies required to adequately maintain a pool, our team can also provide and/or install a range of optional features that will further enrich the overall backyard swimming pool experience.

Based on specific needs or preferences, we can be called upon to help supplement the enjoyment of the pool itself, as well as any self-maintenance efforts and/or the surrounding property/landscape by providing such products and equipment as:

  • Saltwater generator/chlorinators
  • Automatic or robotic vacuums
  • Pool and garden lighting
  • Water features (spas, jets, slides)
  • Solar heating systems
  • Automatic pool covers
  • And much more

If you require any essential swimming pool supplies or considering adding optional equipment to further enhance your backyard swimming pool experience, call us today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 so that we may look after all of your needs.

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