DIY Tips – How To Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Landscaping


Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Landscaping With These Tips

A sparkling, blue pool in the backyard is a beautiful addition to any house. But if you really want to make your swimming pool stand out – landscaping near and around it will transform it into a work of art.

Outlined below are some simple, DIY tips on how you can upgrade your swimming pool landscaping:

Choose swimming pool landscaping plants that complement your backyard

For example, pots with flowers or a colourful garden behind your pool will add brightness and shades that reflect off the water. Planting exotic poolside palm trees can make your backyard a tropical outdoor oasis. A holly bush or green giant tree hedge around the perimeter will look great and act as a fence to provide privacy.

Upgrade the patio furniture or deck chairs

If you have a patio or wooden deck in your backyard, choosing the right patio furniture can make a big difference. Choose colour schemes that complement your swimming pool landscaping. For example, add outdoor rattan chairs for a casual, beach theme. Alternatively, if you want something classic – solid, dark wooden furniture with cushions will create beautiful outdoor seating by the pool.

Outdoor pool lighting

Light it up! Install hanging lanterns on posts, solar lights in the garden and lights underwater to enhance your poolside. Pool lighting is a simple but stunning swimming pool landscaping technique to add some ‘drama’ around your pool. For practical purposes, it also illuminates your pool space during the night time.

There are many simple, elegant ways to transform your swimming pool landscaping and create your dream outdoor space.

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