Different Ways to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool this Year

Consider Pool Upgrades That Suit Your Lifestyle and Your Backyard Design

Jones Pools Water FeatureAt last, after many months of cold temperatures, the time has returned for homeowners to once again open their swimming pools.  Soon, fading memories of the warm weather from last summer will be replaced with feeling the actual warmth of the current summer, along with the familiar sounds of families enjoying the use of their pool.

With this level of euphoria in mind, pool owners may also want to consider investigating potential upgrades for their pool itself and/or for the overall ambience of their backyard.  For these homeowners, the pool is a principal source of relaxation and delight during the spring and summer months and there is no harm in dreaming a little – and perhaps even indulging in an upgrade or two.

Based on the physical shape and dimensions of the pool, the primary reason for its use, and lifestyle preferences of the pool owner and their family, pool upgrades can address any number of goals and objectives.  This list might include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Pool safety
  • Scope of use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintenance factors
  • Added entertainment

There are several possibilities for pool owners to contemplate with respect to upgrades for their pool.  The following examples may be appealing in their own right or perhaps inspire other creative ideas:

  • Automatic vacuum (robotic pool cleaner) – to reduce pool maintenance
  • Programmable aqua pod – wireless control of all pool and spa functions
  • Adding a water slide – a source of entertainment for swimmers of all ages
  • Coloured steps – to enrich the aesthetics and the attractiveness of the pool
  • Pool and garden lighting – illuminate steps, ladders, walkways, landscaping
  • An energy-efficient pump – to improve water quality and lower hydro usage
  • Automatic pool cover – safety and solar energy combined in one pool upgrade
  • Solar pool heating system – save energy by exploiting free heat from the sun
  • Switch to a saltwater chlorinator – reduces long-term maintenance time/costs
  • Selection of water features – waterfalls, fountains, aqua accents, mist sprayers
  • Integration of a hot tub or spa – either within the pool design or situated nearby
  • Incorporating tanning ledges – offers ways to use pool without actually swimming

Although there are a dozen prospective pool upgrades identified above, there could likely be more once homeowners consult with a professional pool installation company such as Jones Pools.  The creative team from Jones Pools offers extensive experience in both the design and installation of pool upgrades, and as a result, can recommend the changes or renovations that will best suit a specific pool/backyard landscape as well as the lifestyle of that homeowner and their family.

For further information on the design and installation of pool upgrades by the experts at Jones Pools, visit our Pool Equipment page.

A Complete Range of Services from an Experienced Swimming Pool Contractor

In addition to their capabilities in relation to swimming pool upgrades, Jones Pools offers more than 20 years of experience across a wide range of pool-related services.  Their expertise encompasses the following:

  • Pool design
  • Construction
  • Openings/closings
  • Vanishing edge pools
  • Problem diagnosis and repair
  • Weekly maintenance programs
  • Decks, patios, and other enhancements

To learn more about the full scope of pool services available from Jones Pools, please go to our Website.

Considering the possibility of an upgrade for your swimming pool this season?  Call the pool design and installation professionals from Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or contact us to request your no-obligation estimate on ways to invigorate the look of your pool and your backyard.

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