Custom Pool Lighting Can Truly Make a Difference

Augment Your Backyard Swimming Pool Experience with Customized Lighting

Jones Pools Spa LightingThere is little doubt that a vast majority of swimming pool owners and their families will devote as much time as possible to using the pool during peak daylight hours.  After all, one of the primary reasons for investing in a pool is to escape the heat and the humidity of summer, right?

Along with enjoying the pool itself, many of these pool owners take pride and pleasure in their deck/patio, landscaping, and any other amenities that may adjoin or surround the pool area.  Sometimes, sitting by the pool, in either sun or shade, can provide the same amount of gratification, relaxation, and/or self-indulgence as an actual a dip in the pool.

But these feelings and practices do not have to be limited to the daylight hours only; the installation of custom lighting can extend the backyard pool experience into the evening as well.  And from the most pragmatic of standpoints, the capability to swim in and/or sit by the pool for an extended period each day simply helps improve return on investment for the pool owner.

In times past, swimming pool lighting may have been restricted to spotlights attached to the home or fence posts, with their primary functions being visibility and safety for after-dark use of the pool.  Today, advancements in the applications for pool lights provide a wider scope of functionality and benefits for the homeowner and all those using the pool.  This list consists of:

  • Soothing aesthetics
  • Enhanced illumination
  • Improving pool safety
  • Highlighting landscaping
  • Accenting water features
  • Enriching pool water colour
  • Decorative or mood lighting

Custom pool lighting does not need to be overly extravagant, gaudy, or overpowering; a well-designed, simple yet elegant pool lighting system can add softer and warmer tones that will dramatically transform a backyard pool experience as day turns into night.  The creative design team from Jones Pools has considerable experience in the installation of pool lights, and could therefore be the ideal choice of swimming pool contractor for pool owners looking to augment the current ambience or atmosphere of their backyard oasis.

Installation of LED Pool Lighting is an Area of Specialization for Jones Pools

In recent years, LED pool lighting has gained considerably in popularity in contrast to the more traditional incandescent lighting.  LED light can be installed underwater in the pool as well as throughout the backyard landscape depending on the needs and inclinations of the pool owner.

When pool owners have LED lighting incorporated/installed in their custom pool lighting design, they will enjoy and/or realize a number of benefits over traditional incandescent bulbs; these benefits would include:

  • Brighter light
  • Longer-lasting light
  • Better energy efficiency
  • More aesthetically-pleasing light
  • Bulbs that are much cooler to the touch
  • Bulbs that are less labour-intensive to replace
  • Better penetration of light through the pool water
  • A wide spectrum of rich and vibrant colour options

The team from Jones Pools has considerable experience in the design and installation of custom LED pool lighting, both above-ground and underwater. For additional information on this particular area of specialization for the professionals from Jones Pools, please see our Pool Equipment Options page.

Enrich your backyard pool experience with the installation of custom LED pool lighting by the specialists from Jones Pools.  Call Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or contact us to request a no-obligation consultation on potential lighting options for your pool and your backyard.

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