Custom Pool Builders Know The Intricacies Of Vanishing Edge Pool Construction

Our Custom Pool Builders Specialize In Vanishing Pools

There is something majestic about a swimming pool that does not seem to have an outer edge or a back wall and therefore appears to extend almost endlessly until it touches the sky or the horizon. There might also be some element of mystery to this type of pool construction – there must be some trickery afoot since a pool just cannot be that big.

There is no trickery involved here, especially since such deception can have a negative connotation. What has occurred is the creation of a positive illusion by a custom pool builder, giving the impression that the end of the pool has somehow disappeared while simultaneously providing a panoramic view that can be spectacular and breathtaking.

This type of custom pool is known by several names, including:

  • Vanishing edge (more common)
  • Infinity edge (more common)
  • Disappearing edge
  • Zero edge, and
  • Negative edge

To create this illusion of a disappearing edge, the pool builder essentially implements the following major steps or actions:

  • Lowering the back wall of the pool to the same height as the eventual water level
  • Installing a catch basin along the outer bottom of the lowered wall to collect overflow
  • Integrating a water-levelling/recirculation system to cycle overflow back into the pool

Of course, the entire pool construction process is much more complex than depicted above and should therefore be left to the experience and expertise of a custom pool builder such as Jones Pools. Installing a vanishing edge or infinity edge pool has little to no margin for error and, as a result, requires heightened degrees of specialization and attention to detail.

Some of the critical steps in vanishing edge or infinity edge pool construction include:

  • Evaluating the slope of the pool site to ensure adequate space for the catch basin
  • Establishing/adhering to precise dimensions for the pool itself and its wall heights
  • Installing a catch basin of adequate size (depth and width) for the water volume
  • Installing/regulating a water-leveling/recirculation system in line with water volume
  • Comprehension and proper installation of hydraulics relative to slope of the pool site
  • Proper waterproofing of the vanishing edge wall (weir wall or dam wall) on both sides

A custom pool builder, such as Jones Pools, understands the intricacies of constructing vanishing edge or infinity edge pools, and has trained and experienced staff who can install your new pool with the precision and expertise necessary to achieve the desired effect from this type of design.

Vanishing Edge or Infinity Edge Pools Can Be Constructed in Several Locations

When vanishing edge or infinity edge pools were first conceptualized and installed, they seemed to be reserved for more exotic venues such as exclusive resorts, movie sets, or photo shoot locations. However, as this type of pool has become more popular and well-known, construction sites have expanded to include private residences as well as locations that are much more accessible to the general public.

From an overall perspective, custom pool builders can be contracted to install such a pool on properties that may:

  • Have some elevation
  • Overlook bodies of water
  • Face natural settings (forests, mountains)

More specifically, vanishing edge pools or infinity edge pools can add their majestic aura to any number of locations that provide a panoramic view, including:

  • Private homes
  • Cottages
  • Lakefront homes
  • Beach front properties
  • Mountainside homes/retreats
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Apartment complexes
  • Rooftops

For all your pool construction projects, including vanishing edge or infinity edge pools, call upon the knowledge of an experienced swimming pool contractors such as Jones Pools. Call us today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to determine which type of pool would best fit your needs, budget, and type of property.

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