Constructing an In-Ground Pool in a Backyard with an Incline

A Backyard with a Steep Incline Should Not Deter In-Ground Pool Construction

jonesTwoMost people would likely agree that a swimming pool should not be built on a slant/slope as it would probably require a fair bit of ingenuity to overcome the forces of gravity on the body of water.  While some individuals may be intrigued by challenges of this nature, common sense would seem to indicate that attempts to complete such a structure would be cost-prohibitive, if not outright laughable.

Setting frivolity aside for a moment, what might this imply for homeowners who have a steep incline in their backyard?  Does it mean that any such gradient/change in elevation will prevent them from pursuing the installation of a pool?  To the contrary, a backyard with an incline/slope presents an excellent backdrop for an in-ground pool; in fact, pool construction in this scenario can be a viable solution to maximizing the use of available backyard space.

To begin the process, the homeowner should consult with a custom pool builder, such as Jones Pools, who can assess the actual degree of slope or incline.  This will be a critically important step with respect to preparing the foundation for the pool; more specifically, it will help determine which of the following actions would be required:

  • Simple surface excavation/leveling with a grader, or
  • Submitting a formal re-grading plan for the property, and
  • Requisitioning and approval of appropriate municipal permits

With the paperwork and groundwork (pun intended) in place, the homeowner and their pool builder can further collaborate on the in-ground pool construction design, focusing on a variety of factors including but not limited to:

  • Shape of the backyard
  • Primary purpose of the pool
  • Available area/square footage
  • Inclusion of water features/accessories
  • Integration of landscaping into the gradient
  • Incorporating entertainment or privacy areas

Here are some of the specific elements that homeowners might want to consider when having an in-ground swimming pool constructed in a sloped backyard:

  • Natural stone steps/retaining walls
  • Access to an adjacent spa or hot tub
  • Vanishing edge/infinity edge pool design
  • Tanning ledges incorporated into the pool
  • Multi-level landscaping (flower boxes, shrubs)
  • Entertainment and dining areas on multiple levels
  • Water features – cascades, fountains, wall sconces

Most assuredly, a backyard with an incline should not be a deterrent to in-ground pool construction.  Through the creativity and skills of a custom pool builder like Jones Pools, homeowners can transform a sloping backyard into a pool area that would be the envy of any neighbourhood.

Pool Builders Can Also Add Accents and Accessories to a Custom Pool Design

Jones Pools has been designing and constructing custom in-ground swimming pools for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA for the past 20 years.  Over that time, the Jones Pools team has gained considerable experience in the construction of all pool types over a wide variety of property shapes and sizes, including backyards with rather pronounced inclines.

Along with their skills as custom pool builders, the Jones Pools crews offer the capability to install or construct several accents and accessories to complement their pool designs.  Such amenities include:

  • Hot tubs/spas
  • Water features
  • Cabanas/gazebos
  • Barbecues or fire pits
  • Natural stone retaining walls
  • Outdoor lighting for pool and gardens
  • Interlocking brick decks, patios, walkways

For more information on the construction of custom in-ground swimming pools by the specialists from Jones Pools, please visit our Website.

If your backyard has an incline, construction of a custom in-ground swimming pool may be an ideal way to maximize the use of that space.  Call the custom pool builders from Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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