Beat the Cold this Winter with a Hot Tub

A outdoor hot tub in an amazing backyard

The Installation of a Hot Tub Offers Many and Diverse Benefits to Homeowners

A woman relaxing in a outdoor hot tub Many homeowners will attest to the soothing nature of slipping into a heated swimming pool at the end of a long work day or upon arriving home after travelling a considerable distance.  The sensation of that warm water can help to alleviate minor aches-and-pains and wash away the stresses of the day, all at the same time and in the privacy of their own backyard.

As the swimming season comes to an end, these same pool owners lament the loss of such pleasure, albeit temporarily, and anxiously look forward to reopening the pool next year.  There is one way, however, to keep this wish alive throughout the entire calendar year – with the installation of a hot tub on their deck or patio.

In addition to the aspect of simple relaxation, there are several reasons for homeowners to consider installing a hot tub that can be used throughout the winter.  These include:

  • Breaking away from the television or computer
  • Positive effects on blood pressure and circulation
  • Hydrotherapy after manual labour, gym workouts
  • Entertaining guests outdoors – akin to pool parties
  • Potential for aromatherapy or essential oils therapy
  • An avenue for ‘sweating out’ a winter cold or the flu

When planning the installation of a hot tub, in addition to the benefits relative to health and entertainment, homeowners should consider its appeal within the overall context of the backyard.  In other words, they should consult with the contractor to ensure that the look of the hot tub matches or accents any existing stone work and/or wood construction relative to the swimming pool, deck, or patio.

Furthermore, soon-to-be hot tub owners may want to add features and/or options to the design that appeal to their personality and personal preferences.  To this end, they may want to incorporate such amenities as:

  • Padded seats
  • Clothes closets
  • Towel warmers
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Surround stereo
  • Drink holders/trays
  • Televisions/DVD players

While all of the above can be appealing and even intriguing, it will be important to keep in mind that the fundamental installation of a hot tub – the pipes, water system, heater, filter, insulation, etc. – must be completed with quality workmanship and attention to all building codes and standards.  The proper installation of a hot tub, along with any types of features such as those noted above, can be assured when homeowners contract the expertise of Jones Pools, a leader in pool and hot tub installations in Toronto and area.

Comprehensive Products and Services to Turn Your Hot Tub Dream into Reality

For the last 20 years, Jones Pools has been providing reliable swimming pool and hot tub services for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA.  The scope of these services includes but is not limited to:

  • Installations
  • Winterization
  • Wood construction
  • Natural stone landscaping

Homeowners looking to upgrade or enhance their backyard ambience with the addition of a year-round hot tub can turn their dreams into reality through the broad selection of products available from Jones Pools:

  • Choose from a wide variety of hot tub styles
  • Add from an extensive inventory of accessories
  • Personalize with the size and colour that are most appealing

Thinking about adding a hot tub in your backyard for use year-round?  Call the experts at Jones Pools, a leading swimming pool and hot tub installation company in Toronto and the GTA, at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to request a no-obligation consultation today!

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