5 Fabulous Backyard Party Ideas

wow your guests with these backyard party ideas

You have the pool. You have the yard. You have everything for a great backyard party. You just need some great backyard party ideas to make it extra special.

Backyard Party Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Gathering

Whether it’s a kids’ party, or just or your grown-up family and friends, there are lots of fast, easy ways to make it like no other party you’ve had.


  1. Build an Outdoor Fire Pit – While fire regulations vary across Toronto and the GTA, many cities and towns in York region permit small outdoor fires under certain guidelines. Fire pits can make your backyard party feel like a camping trip. Be sure to have lots of sticks ready for roasting marshmallows or cooking hot dog weiners. 
  2. Give it a Theme – this is a great idea for Canada Day. But whatever your theme, get into it. Think of themed party decorations, food items and drinks. Take it a step further with themed games and, for Canada Day, an “O Canada” singing competition. 
  3. Light it Up – You can set a nighttime party aglow by wrapping trees and bushes in strings of lights. You can even use some spotlights to highlight your swimming pool water features. 
  4. Create a Healthy Snack Centrepiece – Gather together five or six different-sized glass vases, bowls and jars. Chop or otherwise prepare a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables and put them in the glass containers. It.s a natural, healthy treat in a natural, healthy setting. 
  5. Set-Up an Outdoor Photo Op – Make your party trend on social media (if you have enough friends and family!) by setting up a selfie spot. Find a large picture frame, preferably in a light colour so it will show up better in photos. Look for a great background view for photos in your yard and hang the picture frame on a funky angle in that spot. Then watch the selfies happen.

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