An Improperly Maintained Swimming Pool Can Lead To Costly Repairs

Costly Swimming Pool Repairs Due To Improper Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is neither an occasional obligation nor an option/choice for pool owners. It is an ongoing responsibility and requirement, and although it can be time-consuming and, at times, very frustrating, proper maintenance is absolutely necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Prevention of health and safety issues
  • Maximizing time and opportunity for personal enjoyment
  • Presenting a positive image when entertaining guests
  • Extending the life of your pool and related equipment, and
  • Avoiding costly swimming pool repairs

The consequences of neglected or improper swimming pool maintenance can result in very costly repair bills. Expenses incurred from:

  • Repairing structural damage or mechanical systems
  • Replacing equipment
  • Restoring your swimming pool to acceptable health and safety levels

can be exorbitant – and this does not take into consideration the intangible ‘cost’ of the inconvenience and outright frustration of not being able to use the pool for any extended period of time.

9 Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

While owning a swimming pool can provide countless hours of enjoyment for your family and friends, it also requires a concerted effort to ensure that the pool is maintained in a safe and properly-functioning state.

Here are nine common swimming pool maintenance mistakes that will have negative effects on your level of enjoyment – and ultimately on your pocketbook:

  1. Inadequate monitoring and maintenance of the chemical balance in your pool can lead to substandard water conditions
  2. Failure to clean or replace your skimmer basket, lint pot, or filter will interrupt water circulation and affect the proper operation of your pump
  3. Ignoring small repairs or disregarding minor cracks increases the risk of more extensive (and costly) swimming pool repairs as well as safety issues
  4. Failure to maintain adequate water levels will cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on pumps and skimmers
  5. Infrequent cleaning of the pool walls encourages unwanted growth of algae and bacteria
  6. Adding chemicals at the wrong time of the day will hinder their effectiveness
  7. Underutilizing your pump (perhaps to save on hydro) will prevent your circulation system from operating effectively and increase the risk of more costly swimming pool maintenance and repairs
  8. Lack of attention to regular vacuuming or clearing away bugs, leaves, and other debris will clog your pool filter
  9. Failure to perform regular inspections may result in undetected leaks or cracks and eventually lead to costly pool repairs

With an adequate commitment of effort and attention to detail, costly swimming pool repairs can be avoided. Investing an appropriate amount of time and money in pool maintenance and preventative measures will pay huge returns by saving hundreds of dollars in potential repair costs over the life of your pool. This will allow you and your family to enjoy your pool for as long as possible with minimal worry or inconvenience.

Jones Pools offers exceptional swimming pool repairs as well as professional maintenance services. To ensure that your swimming pool is maintained to your expectations, without the hassle and the inconvenience of doing your own maintenance or repairs, call us today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414. You can also call us toll-free at 1-866-265-0551.

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