What To Consider When Choosing Above Ground Pool Entry Steps

An outdoor backyard pool featuring above ground pool entry steps. If you have an above ground pool, or are thinking about installing one, you’ll need to consider which above ground pool entry steps to choose.

You may not realize it at first, but you have many options for above ground pool entry steps. Most people think of the standard above ground pool ladder, which lets you get into the pool from the ground outside. But once you start shopping for an above ground swimming pool, get ready for many more options.  

4 Options to Consider When Choosing Above Ground Pool Entry Steps

While there many different types of steps for above-ground pool step entry systems, these are the most popular. Whichever one you choose, steps are relatively easy to remove for safety and/or for swimming pool maintenance.


  1. Inside Steps – Outside Ladder – Steps are easier to use than ladders. This configuration makes it easier for younger swimmers to get out of the pool. Each step is wider than the ladder rungs, there are fewer steps and they are not as steep. Railings on the inside ladder add to the ease and convenience. 
  2. Steps Inside & Outside – This system of steps for above ground pools offers easy to manage steps both inside and outside the pool. Handrails on one or both sides make it even easier and safer to use. You can also choose to have a gate at the foot of the outside steps to safeguard against younger children getting into the pool while unattended. 
  3. Inside Ladder or Steps – If you have a deck around all or part of the pool, then an inside step or ladder are all you’ll need to get into or out of the pool. 
  4. Wedding Cake Steps – If you have a deck and are looking for a little more “inground pool” style, these are the steps for you.

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