A Guide to Installing an In-Ground Vinyl Swimming Pool

Vinyl Pool Construction Offers Numerous Advantages over Other Pool Materials

Vinyl Swimming Pool in backyardAlthough the cold temperatures and bitter winds of January may be influencing residents of Toronto and the GTA to remain indoors as much as possible, these weather elements cannot stop homeowners and their families from thinking ahead to the warmer months of summer.  At times like these, thoughts may include possible enhancements/upgrades to their property after the seasons change; some of these plans may be based upon the construction of a new in-ground swimming pool.

Once the principal decision is made to have the new pool installed, there will be many subsequent considerations, with the most important perhaps relating to the type of pool, that is, the material from which it will be constructed.  The predominant choices are, in alphabetical order:

  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl Liner

While the choice will ultimately be that of the future pool owner, there are a number of reasons/benefits to consider a vinyl liner pool construction over the other options.  These advantages consist of:

  • Lowest initial cost
  • Faster installation time
  • Smooth, non-abrasive surface
  • More adaptable to different types of soil conditions
  • Available in a variety of patterns and colour schemes
  • Relatively non-porous – does not promote algae growth
  • Requires less chemicals than other pool construction materials
  • Unlimited flexibility in terms of customized size, shape, and design
  • Better suited to withstand cold temperatures and extreme winter weather

To be fair to the other materials, pools with a vinyl liner will also have their downsides.  The most commonly encountered issues would include:

  • Vinyl can be punctured, slashed, or torn more easily
  • Liner will need to be replaced after several years of use

Fortunately, if a vinyl liner is damaged, it can usually be repaired quite quickly and often permanently as well.  Furthermore, whenever a vinyl liner needs to be replaced (roughly every 10 years on average), the work can customarily be completed in a single day; this in turn minimizes downtime for the swimming pool in contrast to more extensive periods of time when concrete or fiberglass pools require any structural repair work.

Ultimately, from an entirely practical point of view, it should be apparent why vinyl pool construction has become a most popular choice with many homeowners in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

Install a Vinyl Swimming Pool that Best Suits Your Needs and Your Backyard

Homeowners considering the installation of a new in-ground swimming pool this year are encouraged to act now, in order to reserve their place in the queue once the construction season begins.  Part of the planning process includes the research and selection of a pool contractor with the experience to complete the project both efficiently and effectively.

Jones Pools specializes in the design and installation of all in-ground swimming pools, including vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass construction, and their experts will ensure that every pool suits the needs of the pool owner and the dimensions of their backyard.

Go to our new pool construction page for more information on in-ground pool designs, including vinyl liner options, available from Jones Pools.

Create the backyard of your dreams this summer by installing an in-ground vinyl pool. Call the pool design and construction experts at Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 for a no-obligation consultation on the vinyl pool construction that suits your preferences and best fits within the available space of your backyard.

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