5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hot Tubs

Hot tub facts

If you have a hot tub, it’s probably one of your favourite features of your home. If you don’t own a hot tub, you’ve probably thought about getting one a few times.

Whether it’s part of your swimming pool or a standalone unit, hot tubs add a whole new dimension of relaxation and enjoyment to your yard, and a few health benefits to boot. Unlike your outdoor pool, a hot tub can be enjoyed all year long too.

And those healthy aspects of hot tub life are just one of the fascinating facts you might not know about the hot tub.

1. They’ve Been Around for 1000’s of Years

While Japanese Buddhists might have been among the first to discover the therapeutic effects of bathing in hot springs, the Romans used their prowess at plumbing to bring the hot spring water into a man-made bath.

2. People Did What They Could to Get the Effect

During the European Renaissance, stones were heated and immersed in baths to get the effect even when no hot springs were around.

3. They’re Scientifically Proven to Reduce Stress

A number of studies have linked soaking in a hot tub to a reduction of stress and anxiety. Other research has found evidence that hot tubbing reduces chronic pain, lowers your blood sugar and reduces blood pressure.

4. Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Love Hot Tubs

Japanese Macaques (or snow monkeys) famously spend up to five hours a day in hot springs – perhaps the same ones that the Buddhist monks discovered so many centuries ago.

5. They can Make You Look Younger

Stress and anxiety are one of the major causes of premature aging, so when you reduce them in a hot tub, the benefits can be seen on your face. And the increased circulation that hot tub bathing promotes helps bring revitalizing nutrients to your skin’s surface for even more good looks.

One More Benefit

If you haven’t spent an evening alternating between your hot tub and pool, you’re missing a whole lot of fun.

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