5 Important Pool Care Tips for Fall & Winter

winter pool care

After the long, hot summer of 2016, it might finally be time for us to face the fact that the balmy weather is over. While both in-ground and above-ground pool owners would have closed their pools before November, pool maintenance is an almost year-round responsibility.

Not matter how well you have covered your pool and prepared the water and equipment for winter, you need to keep a watchful eye on it throughout the colder weather to make sure it’s in top shape when it comes time to jump in again next spring.

1. Stay on Top of Chlorine levels

While most pool owners know not to add too much chlorine when closing the pool, to protect the liner from bleaching, you should also add chlorine as soon as all the ice melts in early spring to keep it clean. Warmer temperatures promote organic growth.

2. Keep the Cover Clean

The more debris that builds up on your cover, the more difficult it will be to keep the water in your pool clean. Be prepared to hose off your cover in winter if a lot of debris collects on your cover. Also keep checking the cover throughout the winter to make sure it continues to fit properly and is not letting any debris get into the pool.

3. Watch Out for Rain

If you have a mesh-style pool cover and you’ve had a lot of rain in your area this fall, you may want to check your chlorine levels and add some if needed. The extra precipitation can dilute the chlorine you put into the pool when you closed it.

4. Add and Air Pillow Under Above-Ground Pool Covers

It’s a great way to keep moisture and debris off the cover. Add an air pillow under the cover in the middle of the pool.

5. Open Your Pool Earlier

One of the best tips we can give pool owners who want to have an easier time when opening their pools in spring or summer is to open it sooner. As temperatures rise in the spring, fungi and algae growth speeds up. And there’s a good chance that the chemicals you added in the fall are weakened or diluted. Open the pool sooner to avoid heavy organic buildup and never miss a great swimming day.

It seems like a long way off. But spring will roll around soon enough and these tips will help make it easier to get back into the swim of it.

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