The 4 Best Options for the Pool Deck & Patio

Pattern concrete pool

If you’re thinking about installing a pool, you’re probably thinking mainly about how big of a pool you can afford. If you already have a pool, you probably always wonder how you can make it even better.

In any case, most people don’t realize the huge difference a deck and patio around their pool can make, not only for more ways to enjoy the pool, but to give the pool a more beautiful and practical setting and improve the overall appearance of the entire yard.

So, when thinking about your pool, whether the one you have or the one you plan to install, it’s important to think about its surroundings too. And that starts with the following options for a deck or patio surrounding your pool.

1. Broom-Finished Concrete

The standard pool deck, broom-finished concrete is popular because of its affordability and its practical, non-slip texture. But even if you choose to go with the most economical choice, there are still ways to give it more of a ‘designer’ appeal, including using coloured concrete.

2. Pattern Concrete

This is the most versatile choice because of how many different looks you can create. From washed wood, to almost any kind of patio stone, pattern concrete gives you a way to get look you want without the cost.

3. Interlocking Stone

A perennial favourite for backyard patios, interlocking stone makes a great poolside patio too. If you haven’t taken a look at interlocking since the early days of the standard red brick, get ready to be amazed at the options you have for colour, look, patterns and how many different ways you can use it even beyond the patio, including for water features, retaining walls and outdoor barbecues and fire pits.

4. Flagstone & Natural Stone

When nothing but the real thing will do, flagstone and natural stone offer unique colours, patterns and textures that can’t really be imitated. They can be part of the patio, deck and even the steps into the pool.

Just like a frame can make even the most beautiful picture look better, so too can the patio and deck around the pool make it look its best.

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