Why You Need To Leave Water In Your Pool During The Winter

Your pool needs proper maintenance during the winter months. If you do not monitor it, you will not be able to see if there is any damage to the pool cover or underlying infrastructure. One way to help prevent damages to your pool in the winter is to leave water in the pool after closing it.

Let’s go over why leaving water in your pool during the winter is important.

Prevents Damage

Water in your pool throughout the winter acts as a barrier. It protects the surrounding liner and walls from cracking or ripping when it gets cold. Without water, you risk the liner drying out and expanding, which can cause cracks. These cracks, if not fixed, can damage your pool when you refill it in the spring if water seeps through.

Easier Closing = Easier Opening

By adding the right chemicals to your pool before closing, you can keep the water clean and safe. Chlorine shock and algaecides help to keep your pool water balanced, which will make opening your pool easier. You will not have to worry about possible algae or bacteria growth either, as the chemicals will prevent them as well.

Save Water

If you leave water in your pool, you will not have to refill it as much come the spring. Not only does refilling your pool use a lot of water, but it also takes a significant amount of time too. So, you will be using less water by preserving it throughout the winter and you won’t have to spend the extra time to refill it. Additionally, it speeds up the process of opening your pool if you have added chemicals to the water throughout the winter.

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