The chemicals we carry include

  • Ultra Shock (a high-intensity shock, great for starting the season or clearing algae)
  • Amaze Plus (a low-intensity shock that allows you to swim only 15 minutes after application)
  • TA+ (increases total alkalinity in the pool)
  • pH- and Acid Enhance (decreases pH and alkalinity levels in the
  • pool. pH- is in granular form, Acid Enhance is a liquid).
  • TH+ (increases calcium hardness)
  • Pristiva (a clean and high-efficiency pool salt system designed to keep your pool clean)
  • UV- and Instant UV Block (stabilizer, used to hold the chlorine in the pool. UV- is granular, Instant UV Block is a liquid).
  • Ultra Cleanse and Phos Cleanse (designed to quickly remove phosphates, or food-for-algae, from your pool water).
  • Mega Tabs and Mega Sticks (Chlorine pucks or sticks for your chlorinator).
  • Bromine Tablets (bromine tabs for your brominator).
  • Metal Cleanse (removes all unwanted metals from your pool water).
  • Liquid Chlorine
  • Pool Salt (20kg bags)
  • Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals
  • And much more…


At Jones Pools, we carry Dazzle balancing and maintenance chemicals. Made locally by Backyard Brands, we carry the complete line of chemicals to keep your pool looking clear and inviting. If we happen to not have the product you’re looking for in stock, with next-day delivery we can have it to you before you know it.