It’s that feeling you get, knowing your backyard oasis has brought family and friends closer together, creating memories that will last a life time.

Customer Satisfaction

Everyone involved in Jones Pools is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We do exactly what we say we can do. You can count on us EVERY TIME, whether during the construction process, the after service required after the pool project is complete, the honoring of the most simple and comprehensive warranties the industry has to offer, or regular service on your pool for as long as you need.


Our Integrity

Our integrity, honesty and dedication to a realistic start date and completion time cannot be matched by our competitors. The fact we own our own dump trucks, excavators, bobcats and a fleet of over 30 trucks and trailers on the road allows us to complete your project in the time frame we promise you.

We do 95% of the work ourselves and rely very little on the timing of the sub-contractors.


Our Promise

Whether you are buying a new pool, renovating an existing pool, or require our service department to open, close or maintain your pool. We promise to offer you the best dollar value in the pool industry.

At Jones Pools we understand that purchasing a pool is an important decision, but is only part of the experience. It’s not just about buying a pool, it’s creating a lifestyle to enjoy forever… It’s that feeling you get, your backyard oasis is just a few feet away. Everything seems different, brighter, the summer sun feels hotter, weekends seem longer and Sundays have become ‘fun’days lounging in the pool. Anticipation for the mornings to arrive and evening to never end. Coming home and letting the work week stress float away as water falls gently in the background, relaxing, soaking in the warm sun. Love and laughter coat the backyard, entertaining has never been so much fun. The warm giggles of children swimming and splashing, entertained and exhausted from a full day of fun and exercise. It’s the late night swims under a full moon in a lukewarm pool, relaxing in the hot tub with an ice cold drink with the one you love. Sitting on the edge of the pool with your feet dangling catching up with a friend. It’s that feeling you get, knowing your backyard oasis has brought family and friends closer together, creating memories that will last a life time.

While stores are open only for curbside, this is how we can best serve you!


Notify us that you are here. We will grab your water sample AND test it while you wait outside. We will notify you once we have your results.


Please leave water sample in the DROP OFF bin. Clearly label your contact info on the bottle. After testing, we will email you the results. If chemicals are required, we will get your order ready for pick up or we can offer free delivery within a couple of days.


Pre-order and prepay! Keeps it simple. We will leave your order outside to GRAB AND GO! Free chemical delivery is also available. Allow a couple of days for delivery. (Some conditions apply.)